I am… Ask me…

 I am INFJ, not a two-faced person – traits do not exclude one another; they are complementary; I am loyal; I take no fake; I display no fake and I do not seek for approval…

     I am INFJ, not a two-faced person – traits do not exclude one another; they are complementary; I am loyal; I take no fake; I display no fake and I do not seek for approval; I think clearly; I answer my own questions based on facts, not on windy words; I hate lies; I feel; I suffer; tears burst and then dry on my eyelashes; I fall; I get tired; I rise once again, over and over; I am curious; I learn; I put all efforts in understanding and creating; I am friendly, but I shut away from people to recharge and rebuild my self-esteem; I need space; I value yours; I offer support; I lift you up; I can put you down; I am trustworthy; I give all my trust (once I consider you’ve earned it) and I cut it on the go (if applicable); I forgive, but walk away when I’ve had enough; I have dreams; I have wishes; my accomplishments are driven by pure passion; I use rocks to build and I maintain; I am a bitch; I am a sweetie pie; I display a true smile, but I can also hurt you with the look in my eyes (no words needed); I speak my mind; I believe and my opinion seldomly changes over what I hear; I make you feel uncomfortable with my questions; I provide straightforward answers; I consider advice and analyse them on all faces; I advise, if asked; I make mistakes; I take all responsibility and try to fix my wrongs; I never give up from the first lost round; I put everything on the table and I’m not afraid of being labeled; I am brave enough to dangerously be honest; I am strong, but I have my weaknesses. I smoke, but I rarely sip beverages; I love red, I sing and I am a music addict. I am HUMAN and I just came undone in front of you. I am exposed, but not vulnerable.

“If you have nothing to hide, there’s nothing to remember”

So STOP thinking you know what I think about you; STOP cluttering words into my mouth; STOP pointing your poisonous arrows to me. I defend myself, I speak up for myself, I sustain my thoughts with reasons. People who don’t see that have their eyes wide shut! I can’t do anything to open their eyes. After several attempts of explaining myself (though I should quit doing this), I will have a shield built around me and your arrows would have no choice but finding a different target.

You want to know what I think of you? Why I have that opinion? What drives my convictions? You have two feet and a mouth – use them. Get up and come ask ME. I’ll take off my headsets and listen to you; If I don’t have an answer, I’ll look for it. And be sure you will get a genuine one. Before drawing your way to me, however, make sure you are ready to take my answer; and PLEASE, do not fake acceptance of it; provide counter arguments, with a background. Gossip hurts yourself, not the one you talk about – filter what you hear; assuming hurts you, not me; truth may be hard to take, but is always better than a shallow opinion.

I know people are, at times, afraid of approaching me. Nevertheless, I’m no wonder woman and I attend no training for becoming one. I don’t have a hidden bazooka, ready to be used on whomever would have the desire of knowing me; I don’t move mountains, but I can take you to them; I can’t physically reach the sky, but my mind is wide open to all that’s new. So, STOP throwing the wrong light over your own self and over me.

Welcome to my mind! You have just met the real me. Give me your hand and let’s make acquaintances. Just remember to leave that mask aside! Bring a coffee instead…

Let’s grab a coffee and get to know each other




Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ FlavoredVentures.com | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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