Red sneakers made for walking

    What would ever make you take a long mile walk, against hot wind? You’re taking a road no-one dares to. Headphones on highest volume level, those red sneakers made for walking and songs on your lips… A moving image. Reason? Mind relief… Thoughts’ selection…

Gray and green sight. A wistle in a song. Long distance. But you need this walk… You need no one around and you’re a nobody… Just a walking someone. You need to accept facts. Thoughts keep on tumbling down. Your speed is slower than a snail’s. You hurry for a moment whenever a street needs to get crossed, as the cars won’t wait for your dragging steps. Maybe you can take a small leap? You finally reach the lake. And you stop, watching the sun going down… Almost. Sunset will have finished its process till you reach the empty room.

The road accompanied by the lake becomes too short for your state of mind. You stop for a moment to give your feet a little break. And write a bit. Shape your ideas.

Once your feet lead you back among people, you feel the constraint of society; they stare at you as if an alien just crossed the street with flowers in its hand. Because there’s no rush in your attitude. But you could’t care less! You keep on going. All you see is your dream, while listening to a song with lyrics “Driver, take me wherever but home”. You crave for free life. No burdens, no destination for your trip, no handcuffs attributed by humanity, no labels on your back…

Sun has started its setting. You’re still walking, heading to a place you don’t want to reach… Smells come and go; a police car at a corner – these men stop a driver; the horizon relieves smoke;  a bicycle; and the bridge – going upwards. Feet keep on going. Smoke smell invades your nose and the sight runs into your eyes. Bridge goes downwards…

Drivers slow down, gazing at a strange girl walking on a strange path to be taken alone… Some of them hit the flashes… The girl keeps on going. She wouldn’t mind anything around her. Not even strangers staring or eagerly squeezing the horn…

The green lights of a place hit you – pizza place… No hunger… You’re getting closer and closer… Can you have a detour? Got it: there’s a shop around here. You will need food, eventually…

Nearly there… After more than 2 hours of walk. Another 2 minutes stop on a bench. It’s been a long day… Salina will soon take over your eyelashes as your trusted friend, the pillow, helps you rest your head. The sneakers also rest in their place… Long ride have they faced.



Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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