Elpis, Salina and Tykhe

   Why did you, Pandora, ever open the jar? Why would you let evil escape but kept hope a prisoner? Why did you hold on to it so badly? But lastly unleashed it as well? Why would hatred quickly take over humanity, but hope had to wander in finding a vessel? And what about wishes? Are they born out of hope? And luck?

We oftenly call for hope’s name… We hang on to the thinest thread… We enjoy every little spark that could point to hope. We aim for the sky with our eyes wide open… Looking for Elpis. Looking for that ray of light that would finally help us have it. It? The wish… Granted by an evil geenie… But no, you’re not an evil geenie, you’re a fairy, as wishes get granted…

There’s a saying: “Watch out what you wish for, as it may come true.” Can’t wait for Salina to greet me and wrap me in a bit of violet mist… I’m the “Grant my wish and see what’s next; I’m ready to take any chances” type. So I let Salina take over my mind and soul… And make aquintances: Elpis, meet Salina! May you both join forces and work on our behalf… Our? Yes. For us. Us people.

Wishes keep us searching for the puzzle pieces, one way or another, hope keeps us moving through the maze. The final piece is in our hands, with a bit of luck.

Tykhe, meet Salina and Elpis. Toss the dice and and keep things moving. Till we all become willow trees…



Puzzles and mazes

    I love puzzles, I love challenges. Mazes are the challenge that take your steps towards solving puzzles. Though mazes can, sometimes, be tiring. But it’s all worth it.

Everyday is a piece… A piece of an infinite puzzle. Pieces are never the same size, length, width. Or they could be…. It’s all about perception, remember? And choices. If your choice is to give a mouse – for instance – the power and dimensions of a lion (which most probably embodies the perception of a foe), you’ll get scared of it and climb a stool when you see it. On the other hand, if you see the mouse as a friend, you will feed it. Same goes for the lion… However, sometime is better to keep the food… Same goes for every happenings in your life. You are the only one responsible for what you choose to feed and for what you keep the food. Now you see the puzzle? Neither do I… Till I escape the maze…

The brain is a maze. There’s always a way in and a way out. You need to make sure you find the light guiding you to the exit that will finally make you see the puzzle solving piece. But the good news is that YOU draw the maze. You place the ending gate. You have the power to place that final piece. So, where’s the problem, afterall? The puzzle helps you draw the maze you desire. They’re somehow connected. They’re challenging. And challenges point to growth. Whatever you think, can be yours, whatever you dream of, can be accomplished! That’s the whole point.

Even this text may be challenging.  But think of it this way… There are puzzle pieces on each path of the maze. In vain we find the final piece at the exit and pick it up, if we don’t have the missing ones. We don’t need to fully understand. We need to take a pencil and start drawing. The pieces will get connected on the way. And the gate will open…