Friendship is magic!

I’m a person of very few friends. True friends, I mean. I’d rather have 3 loyal trustworthy friends, than a handful of people I don’t recognize one day…

    I’m a person of very few friends. True friends, I mean. I’d rather have 3 loyal trustworthy friends, than a handful of people I don’t recognize one day. True friends take their time to gain your trust, never taking it for granted. They know friendship is a sensitive but strong link at once.

I love laughing with them till our eyes show a tear, I like encouraging them, I love to see them break free of society’s chains, I love them encouraging me when I need it (I’m not made of steel, I have a soul!), I love everything about TRUE FRIENDS. These  people are not ashamed to tell you “Girl, you’re wrong” without the fear of loosing your friendship; these people take the best out of you, push you forward through rough times and say “Everything’s gonna be alright” when everybody else sees only the dark side. Regardless if you talk to them everyday or not so often, regardless they are miles away or a 5 minutes walk from your house…

      They are the ones to share your good times and sad times with (though some things will always be kept in your most inner and valuable vault). True friends are happy to see you evolve and they will do their best to assist you in the process. They will fight FOR you (on your behalf) and WITH you. You feel comfortable around them and forever will cherish those special moments together. (Yes, I am a loner, but a small-circle social person in the same time – remember INFJ?).

Friends make you feel special, they bring a great contribution to one’s mental health. They rarely wear any mask, but they take it off while talking to you. They have no fear of showing you their vulnerabilities, you’re not afraid to let yours come undone.

To people believing there’s no such thing as true friends: there is. However, be aware of the fact that people, generally, reflect your way of treating them. So are friends. What you give is what you get back! Never turn your back on a true friend in need and never cut your friendship! For NO-ONE!

To my few life-lasting friends: THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!




Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

4 thoughts on “Friendship is magic!”

  1. I hope to be one of your close friends in the future and I’m going to take my time to earn it you are an amazing author brilliant thinker and a wonderful person who I would be honored to count them on my friends keep being you and never let the world change you

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    1. I’m affraid that, if people follow me and my writing, this world would stand a chance for change. I aspire, for the good. So, they should – first – decide if they want to. We all pick what to believe and if we follow anyone or just ourselves 😉

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