Chances and freedom

    How many chances can a human being get? How many times does one need to have the same stuff explained? How many signals do people need to be sent, in order to get a glimpse over an obvious matter?

At some point, all these become useless. Regardless of how many of-whatever-you-need you get, it will never be enough if your eye lashes remain glued and your mind is too stubborn to unblock itself. When a true hearted person explains, you need to listen. When this person advises and draws warnings, open your ears carefully and let the waves of their voice lead the words to the lobes of your brain. Open up that brain and receive the information. Or just the vibe.

Is there the need of a reason for all this? Well… There may come a day when you will feel sorry for not listening; for not closely watching and catching the signals; for not providing your support when needed; for not being warm and tender enough; for every wasted tear… You may feel the need to get lost but, guess what, you can’t!

There’s a saying: “You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry”. And the well doesn’t get dry over night… It takes a long time and lots of pointless happenings to turn each drop into a piece of air. Water can be seen and felt, but once turned into air, it’s gone and you’ll never trace it again. Then why not drink it while you can hold it in the palm of your hand?

We all know that pulling the roots of a flower off the ground leads to certain slow death. Same goes for continuous stumps over one’s heart. One may believe chances are limitless. Wrong! There’s a point where every lost effort becomes a lost battle. The soul gets petrified, the look in that person’s eyes becomes as dark as a night with no moon and their words cut deeper than the sharpest sword a samurai would use. Continuously. One after another… With each moment passing by.

At first, there’s hate-like hurt, wish for avange and will to disappear. Then, there’s the struggle for making things “right” again, analysing situations and facts one by one to the limit of getting exhausted. Then… An awesome thing happens… Realizing… What? That things can and will get better in time, if you wish for it bad enough. And you wake up! You see everything flashing before your eyes, you understand the lessons you had to learn, you see the person you’ve become during this painful process and you surrender… To that amazing feeling of… FREEDOM and acceptance of what’s to come.

Once you’ve reached the bottom, it’s time to start rising. You start trusting yourself, start learning again, start seeing all the beauties arround you as you walk by, start a new life. You, literally, reborn. You feel that unknown strength wrapping your feet and arms, soul and mind! What’s next? Your first understanding of self worth. Your eyes get the sharp view of a tiger and your heart becomes as fearless as a lion’s. You surrender to the beauty of sun, to all colors nature has to offer, to each rain drop falling on your skin, to your OWN SELF! You loose hatred and become distant to things that used to sting your feelings.

“Freedom” cannot express it enough… There’s no barrier in your new mind, nothing can tear you down this time. Nothing and NOBODY! You lead your way. If anyone wishes to follow, they’re welcome. But people will get scared of your out-of-the-box view. And you’re too brave too wait. They can reach out to your hand if they want to join. You will accept their companionship. Freely, selflessly, but truly and carefully! Who is meant to walk alongside will step in with you!

Walk with that stardust in your eyes, wear that genuine joy in your heart and carry only one piece of luggage: HAPPYNESS!

Enjoy your ride!



Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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