Breathe with me… Holding hands…

    “Meet me in the stillness, on a rooftop under the stars and just breathe with me!”

    I once stated I like nothing more than spending quality time with myself. I still do and I will ALWAYS value personal space.

    However, there’s some other controversy about myself: I love spending quality time with people I can trust and have the deepest of conversations, on complex topics. Did I say “people”? No, not many, but one person. One at a time. Wisely chosen.

    Can’t and won’t debate such interests with people not ready to take this (see “The KISS principle”). One on one talks are always the best. You can see everything beyond their words. Remember the “eyes betrayal” part? Yeah, that’s good therapy… Never forced, though… You see or you don’t. Not purposely trying to find something. Interpretation can be delusional if used in the inappropriate manner.

     That’s about it in regards to talking…

    Moving on to the “breathe with me part”…. I guess that’s the most interesting one! Breathing is an amazing exercise. Can help in relieving one’s mind, reduces stress and drives to a chill state of mind. That’s the individual part. While breathing alongside a trustworthy companion can have an even better outcome. Trust is sealed by stillness, stars and silence. Deeper connections are on a good path… If fingers touch, but physical connection stops there, souls melt into each other and that amazing selfless interconnection happen. That’s when you feel you found everything you crave for. Time is never there… You don’t need the “Do not disturb” sign… Nothing else but the two of you, connected on a higher level.

    Ok, things don’t just go inside that sparkly pink circle… Life is tough and challenging. BUT, if such connection is being built, you can definitely overcome everything! You may fight at times, or choose just a debate leading to commonly accepted goals. Compromise? Not sure this is the word. Rather “acceptance”… If it feels right for you!

     Patiently getting there… With that “someone”… Holding hands… And a pure kiss on my forehead!





Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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