The KISS principle

    Catchy? Indeed…

You know, this is actually a principle used in programming 😉 Its translation: “Keep it simple, stupid”. The abbreviation caught my eye in the first place as well… (Won’t disclose the circumstances… Shhh..!) In the mentioned field this really has a meaning…

But why did I bring this up? For a good reason: it is being applied in our day to day life, regardless of the business area we are being part of. The simpler, the better – they say. Not sure I can agree. Depends what do you apply this for, though.

I’m the kind of person looking for the complex. Always searching for an answer, questions just flow all over; I hardly finish an idea I need to discover the answer of and I already have a new topic ready for a debate.

I’m under continuous inquiry of everything and curiousity is killing me. Tiring stuff… So, when I talk to someone exposing their idea(s) in a too simple way, I get… Shocked… Maybe even overwhelmed… By the comfort of their simplicity… And make me inquire even deeper… How can this be?

I sometimes merely envy people with no arguments/ answers when being asked the easiest of questions: “Why?”. Usually you get a mind-blowing “Just because”..

Sarcastic? May be… Sometimes I wish I was simple enough to just do my job using a well-known principle: “Monkey see, monkey do”; to sleep with the shinest conscience, not even being aware that I know nothing.. The more you know, the less you can peacefully rest your head on that carefully wrapped pillow.

Does this sound weird? Hey, I’m a weirdo, remember? (Nonetheless, I can identify and work on my flaws.) And what do I get from talking to simple people? What do I find in their don’t-give-a-damn attitude? A new  way… What way? Oh, right! A new way of understanding why simplicity brings that all-times-searched-for thing to people not even looking for it: happiness. True happiness? Or just THEIRS?

The next second comes with a terrible speed. Suddenly, I wake up like from a terrible nightmare and, screaming, I keep questioning.. . What the hell is happiness? My own happiness? Where do I find this? Still inquiring.. Though i already know my own truth! Controversy inside my head…



Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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