The KISS principle

    Catchy? Indeed…

You know, this is actually a principle used in programming 😉 Its translation: “Keep it simple, stupid”. The abbreviation caught my eye in the first place as well… (Won’t disclose the circumstances… Shhh..!) In the mentioned field this really has a meaning…

But why did I bring this up? For a good reason: it is being applied in our day to day life, regardless of the business area we are being part of. The simpler, the better – they say. Not sure I can agree. Depends what do you apply this for, though.

I’m the kind of person looking for the complex. Always searching for an answer, questions just flow all over; I hardly finish an idea I need to discover the answer of and I already have a new topic ready for a debate.

I’m under continuous inquiry of everything and curiousity is killing me. Tiring stuff… So, when I talk to someone exposing their idea(s) in a too simple way, I get… Shocked… Maybe even overwhelmed… By the comfort of their simplicity… And make me inquire even deeper… How can this be?

I sometimes merely envy people with no arguments/ answers when being asked the easiest of questions: “Why?”. Usually you get a mind-blowing “Just because”..

Sarcastic? May be… Sometimes I wish I was simple enough to just do my job using a well-known principle: “Monkey see, monkey do”; to sleep with the shinest conscience, not even being aware that I know nothing.. The more you know, the less you can peacefully rest your head on that carefully wrapped pillow.

Does this sound weird? Hey, I’m a weirdo, remember? (Nonetheless, I can identify and work on my flaws.) And what do I get from talking to simple people? What do I find in their don’t-give-a-damn attitude? A new  way… What way? Oh, right! A new way of understanding why simplicity brings that all-times-searched-for thing to people not even looking for it: happiness. True happiness? Or just THEIRS?

The next second comes with a terrible speed. Suddenly, I wake up like from a terrible nightmare and, screaming, I keep questioning.. . What the hell is happiness? My own happiness? Where do I find this? Still inquiring.. Though i already know my own truth! Controversy inside my head…



Let’s talk about trust, baby… Pure diamond…

    There used to be a song: “Let’s talk about sex, baby/ Let’s talk about you and me…”

I choose “Let’s talk about trust, baby…” Sex is a moment, trust is a lifetime! The first one may be encountered on every corner, the latter is earned! One is a sport of the body, the other is a sport of the mind.

However, for someone to trust you, let your actions speak on your behalf. Words fade… Wind takes them far away in milliseconds… Moreover, what you do will always be remembered. Even if barely, but who cares? If you do something just for being remembered, don’t do it! If you do something because you FEEL it, go for it!

So… Trust… A sensitive check point… A barrier… The hardest, but most worthy of all. If you get to pass through, it’s still not done. You have to keep it alive. Works the same as love. In many ways…

Anyhow… You should handle it gently. Need to clean that glass it’s surrounded by. Spray a bit of scent afterwards and make it last forever. Wear white gloves… Trust is a priceless jewel. You may want to pull your hair off once is lost… Moreover, like gold, it always runs if broken… Seldomly find it again. Not talking about building it back… Almost impossible!

There would be so much more to say on the topic, but I love to keep it simple.  Just one more… Knowing you can fully trust one person in this life is the greatest comfort you can get. And, if that well-built trust is mutual, you’ve reached the highest stair to heaven… As you can share everything and feel no fear… Fear of being judged for what you feel or what you think… Fear of loosing yourself or that valuable one…

Build trust! Enjoy that marvelous diamond! Never break it!