Part of the dark side

    Anger… That moment you feel like screaming till your lungs hurt, while rock music rushes all over your senses. That moment you wish you could run a race on a highway, sliding through speedy cars, till your breath fades! No looking back… The moment you just try to avoid … The unhealthy to your peace of mind thing.

That moment everything seems to go wrong, by all means… Everyone seems to be your enemy, they look like they know and want to make you unleash that hidden dark side of yours… Though you realize it’s all on you..

Your mind is just playing you the meanest of games, hiding clues all over..  Clues to what? Hidden locks to secret doors… Doors leading where? To be found…

They say ‘look for the rainbow in every storm’! What if the storm is too loud and thunders take over each and every inch of your mind? Can the rainbow be stronger than this? Can you change your perspective in a blink of an eye and just see pink fairies when all you imagine now is the devil in disguise?

My answer? Yes, it can. The rainbow lights up its own path. And pink fairies show up out of nowhere…. While music still rocks…

While you are all caught up in the claws of your never ending anger, someone slips from moving staircases, right in front of you. People rush to help him. By the time you realize, the moment is already history… But where is the light in all this? That person is all fine, getting up, shaking his skirt and keep on moving. What else? What about the fairies? Well… People you thought were all careless creatures seem to actually have a soul… Or a still-alive instinct for saving fellows in danger.

Does this tiny happening shine enough to make you realize the value of life and the meaning of your own view over it? Try it…



Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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