That bitch needs to vanish…

    Hurt… A selfish feeling… Why do we hurt? Do we really hurt when others hurt? In the means of having the hurt of others penetrate our mind so hard that alienate our own well-being? Are we so empathetic? Or are we just selfish? Meaning that we think of the hurt the feeling of rejection – for instance – has on ourselves, but would rather place that responsibility on the others? Aren’t we just seeking for comfort from others?

I tend to believe the second one is true… We feel good when people address that “everything’s gonna be OK” formula… We feel loved by the ones surrounding us… Actually, we like to believe we feel that love and that others care… Though they may not and only say these words for encouraging a selfish soul…

Hurt is like a razor blade: the more you think it through, the deeper the wound… Yeah, I’m hurt today and I have this eagerness to shut off from the world, in my fairytale little world… But tomorrow? The day after? A month after? Can I keep this going till I lose my mind completely? Well I might, if I wanted.  But at some point, this selfish little bitch has to vanish. Who’s it? EGO… because ego does that… It can’t face the idea that others may not see things the way you do. And then it crashes. And your mind just follows it… Then that other little thing we use and call ‘a heart’ follows. When it gets there, you can barely take a step through your day-to-day life.

But hey… We need to overcome this… Face the truth, embrace things we cannot change (or change our perspectives, they say) and let go… The worst feeling… Letting go of something was never there… Never yours… But you had high hopes and wanted to make it happen … Again…  Selfishness…

I need a vacation… From the world… Just me and my ego… Till the moment it will take off as well… Just like a butterfly… Set it free…

That’s the toughest mask… The ego… Make it disappear. Be brave! Uncover each layer at a time, but do it…

Remember: your mind can be your greatest friend or your fearest foe! The choice is yours!


Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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